Warlords are a close-up, damage dealing class capable of obliterating enemies in a matter of seconds.

Defenders focus on defense, being able to take substantial damage and survive the toughest battle.

Mages are an offensive class that deals devastating burst damage from great distances.

Clerics are the guardian angel of the party, healing its injured allies so that they can unleash hell on the enemies.

Blood Raiders are melee assassins capable of inflicting serious damage within seconds.

Blood Seekers are mage assassins who can whittle down their enemies over time from long distances.

Gunslingers use ranged attacks with a large impact area, capable of dealing considerable burst damage.

Plasma Girls, indispensable to their party, are a long-range support class granting their allies bonus armor.

Humans—the fruit of deities’ wisdom, the true descendants of the continent—are fearless, honorable warriors with heavy swords, and would take up arms in the face of threats to the continent.

Being the descendants of gods, the charming and kind-hearted Elves have inherited gods’will to defend the continent with their lives and wands.

The Bloodborns proved to be the Dark Legion’s nemeses. Their bloodline has afforded them lightning speed and the horrendous ability to mow down their enemies.

The mysterious Dragonborns have dragons’ noble blood flowing through their veins. Their guns shall secure victory for you!

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